Works in Progress

Current WIPs:

Title TBA
Dark High Fantasy Romance
A deposed prince teams up with a druid high priestess to landscape their enemies to death.

The Regonia Chronicles
Sci-fi epic told in two books and a novella. Two alien species, complete with a unique language. New worlds to house them, plus…the end of Earth and humanity’s new beginning in space.
And…the characters go through some serious shit.

Prequel: Started
Book One: Done
Book Two: Started
Standalone in Regonia universe (The Gem of Meruna): Prepping for rerelease

Coming soon:

World for the Broken
Dark Post-Apocalyptic Romance
A tongue-in-cheek roller coaster exploring the dark side of human nature and the resilience of those willing to forge ahead.

Official Blurb:
Fading into unconsciousness, Christian watches psychotic thugs drag his sister-in-law and nephew away to suffer in the city they just escaped. Left for dead near his brother’s corpse, he has but one hope for survival, rely on the pretty stranger who stumbled across him. Not exactly smart after the apocalypse.
Encumbered by the lingering effects of her own violent past, Chloe struggles against her need for independence. Trusting a stranger found lying in the snow is risky, to say the least. Yet, she patches him up.
As they strive to rebuild their hearts, the harsh world they’ve been thrust into promises to tear them apart. Because Christian’s rescue attempt can’t wait. Every second in Chloe’s idyllic hometown means another second of pain for Christian’s family, leaving Chloe with a choice. Risk her life to help Christian save his family? Or condemn them all to a slow death?

As far as this one is concerned, dark may not do it justice.

Salt and Silver (New title to be announced later)
A demi-demon with a conscience, a forward thinking, swoon-worthy werewolf, and an impulsive mortal journey through Evayla, looking for love, acceptance, and closure. And, of course, since I’m writing it, they have to endure…a lot.

Where Darkness Leads
Adult Dark Fantasy
This novel incorporates beings of myth, fantastical Gods and lore, and magical abilities, all the while staring straight into the eyes of dire circumstance, daring it to do its worst.

Vivification (Victorian romance short story)
Born of Heathen Gods (Victorian mystery/thriller short story)

Short Story Submitted to Anthologies:

Olly Olly Oxen Free (Horror)

Other Ideas:

Second to None
Dark Thriller/Romance

Shared Sight
Paranormal Thriller

All this, plus tons of unnamed ideas that are still…brewing. As you can see, there are a lot of irons in many fires. Genres and themes are flying all over the place. The common thread?


I want my work to make people feel something. As such…I don’t guarantee happy endings. Sometimes, a sad ending is true to the characters and the story itself, and if that’s what the book calls for, that’s what I write.

Prepare yourselves.