A Blessed Darkness: The Inspiration of the Book

Inspiration can come from anywhere. This book came from me being a little weird about video games.

You see, a friend from work wanted me to play a new video game with him. I like video games, and it seemed interesting. So I got the game, made my character, and started leveling to the point where we could actually play together. (Tutorial shit, basically.)

But the race I chose wouldn’t be able to play with his character.

So, I made a new character.

But then, I wanted backstories for them. I wanted to ship them together (for those who don’t know, basically I wanted to build a romance between them).

Because I just can’t resist.

I always make backstories for my game characters.

Now, having only just started the game, I knew absolutely nothing of the lore. That meant I couldn’t come up with a backstory that actually fit in the world.

And my schedule just wasn’t lining up with my friend’s.

So I just made up my own world, dropped two people of different Elven races into it (keeping hair color, eye color, and the names I gave them), and figured out a reason for them to meet.

Basically, I used the character creation thing on a video game for the character aesthetic, got too impatient to wait to learn the lore, and just made my own. Lol.

I never even ended up learning the lore for the game. Namely because I never played that game again. >.<

I normally play on console, and it was the first game I tried on PC. I just couldn’t get used to the controls. Using the arrows to move just felt clumsy compared to the joysticks of console controllers, so I kept running into things and getting stuck on little obstacles and stupid irritating stuff like that.

So, the game didn’t stick.

But I ended up writing a book instead. Lol.

Now, that was a few years ago. I ended up writing other books and publishing them first because the level of editing this one needed was quite a bit more intensive than the books I wrote after it. With every book, I learn more and thus, the next book’s first draft is better than the last.

But A Blessed Darkness is finally ready for the world.

I just hope the world is ready for A Blessed Darkness, because I’ll be honest, this one is not a typical romantic fantasy.

It hurts. Lol.

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