To be Humbled by Light

Hello all. 🙂

As far as The Regonia Chronicles (my sci-fi series) is concerned, I edited something like five chapters, and wrote another. I wrote a short story for submission to an anthology, went through the beta reading stage, and did appropriate edits. I submitted a couple of my other novels to more publishers.

I also got an idea for another story, because my brain just can’t quit sometimes. I took extensive notes, and essentially have the whole thing written in my head, but I know if I work on it, I’ll end up putting The Regonia Chronicles aside. I can’t ever work on multiple books at once. I just end up focusing on one. So I’ll come back to that later.


The biggest thing I took away from this week, at least, relating to my writing, is just how extensively nature dwarfs us. For the chapter I was adding to The Regonia Chronicles, I had to research the speed that we can currently travel through space relative to the speed of light, and then adapt that for 1,000 years of advancements (the story takes place 1,000 years in the future). Then, I had to adjust that to fit a much more advanced species (yes, this story involves aliens).

It still came no where near the speed of light.

Currently, our fastest space craft clocks in at 36,373 miles per hour. Which sounds unbelievably fast, and it is.

But, even at that speed, it would take us 18,449 years to travel the distance light travels in a single year.

As advanced as we are, something we take for granted every single day absolutely puts us to shame. And most of the time, we don’t even care. The world around us has all these wonderful things to offer us, but we barely notice them.

Because we have to pay the bills, which means we have to work 40+ hours. Or because the house needs cleaned. Or because we have to get the car worked on (or in the case of my husband and I, the cars).

I guess what I’m saying is to take a second, even just one, to look at everything around you. Let a few things surprise you. Life isn’t about knowing everything all the time, or having all the answers. That’s impossible, so try not to pretend otherwise.

I know it’s hard to admit you don’t know something. Anytime someone asks me about a story I’m working on, and I don’t have the answer because I haven’t gotten to that point, it’s so easy to feel like a disappointment.

But we’re just human.

Having the answers isn’t our job. Finding them is.

Anywho, I’ll stop rambling, at least, until next week. Lol.

Keep reading. Keep writing.