Works in Progress

Current WIPs:

The Regonia Chronicles
Dark sci-fi epic with romance
Two alien species, complete with a unique language. New worlds to house them, plus… the end of Earth and humanity’s new beginning in space.
And…the characters go through some serious shit.

Prequel One: Done
Prequel Two: Started
Book One: Done
Book Two: Done
Book Three: Done
Book Four: Nearing Completion
Standalone in Regonia universe (The Gem of Meruna): Published

Untitled/Lessiyara and Ronan
Dark Fantasy Romance
Two species of humanoids, each with their own unique approach to magic, are at war. Torn between the two, Lessiyara struggles to stay afloat. But when she saves Ronan from a crumbling cliff, the warrior from the valley might just overthrow the delicate balance she’s worked so hard to forge.

Coming soon:

Second to None
Dark Thriller/Romance
Torture? Check.
Psychological breaking points? Check.
Murder? Check.
…Romance? Check.
Let’s just say that, in this haunted old farmhouse, the ghosts are the least of their worries.

A Blessed Darkness
Adult Dark Fantasy
This novel incorporates beings of myth, fantastical Gods and lore, and magical abilities, all the while staring straight into the eyes of dire circumstance, daring it to do its worst.

Short stories:

Victorian romance short story, Straight and LGBT

Born of Heathen Gods
Victorian mystery/thriller short story
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Olly Olly Oxen Free
Horror/Flash Fiction
How long can she hide from him?

Other Ideas:

Shared Sight
Paranormal Thriller

Several unnamed high fantasy romance ideas, some straight, some LGBT

All this, plus tons of unnamed ideas that are still brewing. As you can see, there are a lot of irons in many fires. Genres and themes are flying all over the place. The common thread?


I want my work to make people feel something. As such… I don’t guarantee happy endings. Sometimes, a sad ending is true to the characters and the story itself, and if that’s what the book calls for, that’s what I write.

Prepare yourselves.