So you thought you could model…

Hi, guys!

This has been a hectic week, what with writing, holiday prep, and work (oh, yeah, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that on here, yet. I work full time in a factory in addition to writing.).

My author photo shoot was this week! It was super cold. Shockingly enough, ripped jeans and a strapless corset do little to ward off the chilly, December air. But some of the photos turned out fantastic.

A lot included me blinking.    > . <

I’m not exactly a model, so I’m pretty inexperienced with holding my eyes open for extended periods of time. Lol. Anyway, these are my two favorites.

Elexis Bell photographed by Gerad Bell
Elexis Bell photographed by Gerad Bell

And, since you all took the time to come to my website, here’s one I really like, but won’t be using as my professional author photo. It’ll go up on Instagram and Facebook later, along with a few others, just not yet.

Elexis Bell photographed by Gerad Bell

Of course, I didn’t just do the photo shoot this week. I got some work done with my writing, as well.

I made it through about 30 pages of re-acquainting/editing in my sci-fi series, and then lost all the changes made to said pages thanks to my tablet messing up…

*audible sigh of frustration*

So, I had to redo that.

Total, I think I ended up going through 45 pages? (75, if you include the redo.) Give or take. As far as writing, I now have a ton of handwritten stuff. A chapter, and a LOT of notes for the rest of the series. I just haven’t had time to type all of that up.

But it’s pretty exciting, regardless.

For me, anyway. My poor characters…ugh. To say they’re going through a rough patch is, well, an understatement. But, if everything was always perfect in their lives, it would be a pretty boring book.

Alas, the time has come for more holiday preparations. Happy holidays, everyone. Be safe.

Keep reading. Keep writing.


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