Hi, guys!

This week was not my most productive. Lol. I got the rest of my notes typed for the new story (5 or 6 pages). I finished the chapter I was working on, and I started another. I didn’t get any editing done.

Normally, I would be a little ashamed to have made so little progress in a week.


I was on vacation, visiting family I haven’t seen in many months. Just over half a year. Since, previously, I saw them at least twice a week for several hours each time, that felt like an eternity.

I can’t even express how much I missed them, or how good it was to finally see them (not without taking a lot more space than I have here). And we got to do our Christmas stuff, since I didn’t see them on the holiday.

I got to spoil my nieces. God, they’re getting so big. It’s hard to believe. And they’re so smart. Holy cow…

Hopefully, they’ll enjoy all the Christmas presents, especially the books. (Of course, I had to get them books. Lol.) They love stories. 🙂

As for the adults, we have a tradition of making the presents as difficult to get into as we can. I had to talk my husband out of welding my brother’s present into a metal box. Lol. He just used a couple rolls of T-Rex duct tape and T-Rex packing tape, weaving the layers together, to make it impenetrable.

My brother still managed to get into his faster than I opened the one from my brother-in-law, though. It took me over an hour to get through the tape and still-gooey spray foam (some of which still resides beneath my nails, despite my obsessive hand washing). Lol. My hands are dry as hell, and I lost a bit of skin on a couple knuckles.

It was worth it, though.

Anyway, this week will see me back to my normal productivity. At least, it should.

Though, a section of the factory I work at caught on fire yesterday, apparently. So…we’ll see what happens there. If I end up laid off, I’ll get a lot of writing in. Lmao.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good time this week.

Keep reading. Keep writing.


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