Creative Outlets: The Retrieval of Sanity

So…I did what I said I wouldn’t do in last week’s post. Lol.

I started a new story.

I’ve since learned that I can edit one story and write another simultaneously without drawing focus away from either. After all, editing is really just interactive reading. I simply can’t write two books at once without completely falling into one of them. I just need to make sure to finish this one before I finish editing book one of The Regonia Chronicles. Then, I can switch out writing this one for book two of The Regonia Chronicles, and edit this one.

And thank goodness this worked. I feel alive again! Lmao.

It sounds silly, I know, but I can’t go so long without writing a story. My mind just goes nuts without it. I love building characters. I love creating worlds, and exploring them.

Since I can’t edit my stories at work in the tire factory, the 57 seconds it takes me to run one cycle on my machine, using mostly muscle memory, becomes agonizing really quickly. I need something to keep my mind occupied. Doing the same minute long routine for eight to twelve hours…gets to be a bit like torture, otherwise.

Especially with OCD. For those who know little of obsessive compulsive disorder, it lends itself quite nicely to repetitious thoughts, which sucks if your mind gets stuck in a sad loop, repeating the same depressing thought over and over again. 2018 certainly provided plenty of those to ruminate on. It was one of the worst years I’ve experienced thus far, which is saying something. I’ve seen some shit. It certainly wasn’t THE WORST, not by a long shot, but it was bad.

And since I haven’t actually written anything, other than a short story and a chapter or two for Regonia, it was starting to drag me down. I’ve been editing and doing submissions on several different projects for three or four months, now, and that’s just too long not to be creating something new.

But now I have a new story. Thank freaking goodness. Lmao.

I’m pretty excited about it, too. It’s a supernatural romance, something I haven’t done since my first full-length novel, back in college. (That book is a bit of a sore spot. The computer it was on, and the external hard drive it was backed up on, got fried. Mind you, this was before cloud storage.)

This story is much more expansive than that one, though. The cast includes demi-demons, demons, werewolves, vampires, and exorcist knights. The world also has gods, demi-gods, witches, and sirens, which are alluded to in the story. I’m making up a religion for this one, too, which is quite a feat.

But hey, I made up a language for Regonia, so why not? Lol.

Tall tasks.

Anyway, I’ve got two and a half chapters done, with basically the entire story jotted down in notes. And I still managed to edit a few chapters of The Regonia Chronicles.

Lots of progress.

Keep reading. Keep writing.

Later. 🙂

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