Living Like Unsupervised Toddlers

Hello, denizens of the interwebz.

It’s been a busy week, mostly comprised of manuscript submissions, work, and car trouble. Lol.

Our daily driver/gas saver went into the shop for a new turbo the week before we left for vacation. Waiting on parts means that we ended up taking a rental to Texas, and, let me tell you, I have no desire to sit in a base model Fiesta for 16 hours straight ever again.

Anyway. We picked our car up on Tuesday (hour long drive to the shop), went for lunch, and then jumped on the interstate to come home.

Then, we noticed all the cars behind us were staying back. Far.

Because we were leaving a trail of smoke.

It smelled a whole lot like burnt oil, btw.

So we were thinking that the new turbo was too sudden/too strong (hilarious because it’s a puny turbo), and broke an already weakened 100,000+ head or head gasket. Not fun.

We turned right back around, left it with the shop, and drove a different car for a day. It turned out to have been an oil line slipping off, so nothing major. We have Ash (our Cruze) back, safe and sound, now.

Fun fact, my husband and I have a lot of cars. Eight, in fact. Granted, the truck needs a power steering pump, and the caprice may well need a new engine. The mustang has some sort of electrical short, and the supra has an idle issue. My 300C SRT8 needs the stickers renewed. The CJ5 is definitely not a winter vehicle. And the porshe needs the engine taken out of the trunk, put together, and attached to the transmission the car doesn’t have…

So, the Cruze is the only one we’ve been driving lately. Lol. Because we’re terrible adults. Don’t even get me started on how we eat. I don’t know how I’m not 600 lbs or dead. Basically, we live like unsupervised toddlers when not at work or paying bills.

Anyway, bringing this back around to the point of this blog, update time. Between driving 16 hours home, dealing with the Cruze for most of Tuesday, and then working 8-12 hour days Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I only managed about a chapter and half in my new book, and revised one chapter in my series.

I got a ton of submissions done, though, so that’s good. After all, if I don’t do those, you guys will never get to read all these things that I’m writing.

It does suck that this was such an unproductive week, though. It drives me nuts how little time I actually have. I’ve finally found what I want to do with my life, but I never feel like I have the time to make it happen. Obviously, I’m still trying. Limited time just makes it stressful, at times.

But. I’m going to try to spend most of the day working on my books. I say ‘try’ because as soon as I say I’m going to do something, about 500 million things pop up to get in the way.

For now, though…

Keep reading. Keep writing.

Some car pics down below.


My babies. The 300C SRT8 is named Sorren, and the Caprice is named Flora, aka Derpwagon. She’s destined to become a Mad Max car, but she’s still a work in progress.
And this is the Cruze, Ash the Alpha Wolf. Lmao. She’s one of our joint cars, along with the CJ5 (old school jeep) and truck. The supra, mustang, and porsche are my husband’s.

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