And the Winner is…

Alright, I know you’re all here to learn who won the free books. But I’m going to save that for the end.

Mostly because I’m super excited about how much progress I made this week. Yet again, I wrote 9,000 words in Salt and Silver!

The chapters I wrote were gut-wrenching. I cried. A lot.


If that weren’t enough, I also wrote a chapter for The Regonia Chronicles: Awakening. Though…I did mess that one up. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you already saw a post about this.

For the rest of you, I was writing while away from the computer, and did a boo boo. Regonia is written in 3rd person for added clarity. It has five main characters, after all.

Salt and Silver is a little more intimate. Two main characters. 1st person. It throws the reader into the minds of the characters a little more effectively. There’s less distance between the reader and the thoughts and actions of the character, that way.

The trouble is, since I was just writing by hand, I wrote AN ENTIRE FUCKING CHAPTER of Regonia in 1st person.


When I type it up here in a few minutes, I’ll have to fix every single sentence. I’m a bit frustrated over that. I mean, I make adjustments as I type handwritten sections anyway, but that’s more than an adjustment. That’s an overhaul.

Every “I” or “me” has to be replaced by a name or “he.” Every “my” has to become “his.” Every verb will have to have an “s” added. Thoughts will have to be put in quotes and restructured accordingly.

But, at the end of the day, it’s still progress. Lol.

It wasn’t written, at all, before this blunder, so at least it exists, now.


And now, to the victors go the spoils.

Two winners have been chosen from Instagram and two from Facebook. I’ll announce their names, and send them personal messages on the platform they used to enter. As was stated in the rules, if they don’t get back to me within a day to tell me where to send the book, I’ll pick someone else.

Facebook: Chuck Brady and Jessica Roth

Instagram: @lilbits37 and @queen_butterfly_73

Congratulations to the four of you!

To everyone else, hopefully you’re not too sad. I know everyone likes to win, but alas there could be only four. For the rest of you, I’ll be running a sale on Amazon in a couple of days. The ebook will be $0.99 for one week, starting at 12:00 am PST 2/13/19 and running until 12:00 am PST 2/20/19. Don’t worry, I’ll announce the sale on Facebook and Instagram, so you don’t have to worry about remembering the dates.

So you can still get a copy, albeit a digital, non-signed copy, for a very reasonable price.

For now, though. Keep reading. Keep writing.


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