Swimming Against the Current

Hi, guys!

I’ve been melting my brain with computer crap this week. There’s been one tech-related issue after another with the final uploads of The Gem of Meruna. Some of these issues were my fault. Some weren’t.

I don’t understand what happened or how they got fixed, but I *think* they’re fixed. Idk. I have another eproof waiting for me to look it over.

I’ve also decided to put my post-apocalyptic novel into 1st person rather than 3rd, so I’ve been working on a complete overhaul. A shit ton of sentences need nouns swapped for pronouns, pronouns swapped for different pronouns, and verbs conjugated differently.

It’s a mess.

But I’m almost halfway through.

I got just a touch of writing in on the prequel for The Regonia Chronicles.

Basically…I’m a chaotic mess jumping from one thing to another. Lol.

Now, the main topic of this blog. We’re getting heavy this week.

Today, I want to discuss the value of books, and art in general.

Yes, books are a form of art. I’ve seen some debate about that, though I’m not sure why. Literature is one of the arts.

You combine skill, talent, and creativity to put something brand new into the world, something that resonates with people emotionally or challenges their viewpoints. That is art.

This means that writers are artists.

Now, I’m lucky when it comes to this (though I’m not really lucky in any other way).

I was always terrified that if I pursued writing, no one would believe in me or support me. I fully expected for everyone (even the most supportive people I know) to shit on my dreams.

It turns out…I’m really the only one who doesn’t always believe in me or my abilities.

My husband, my family, and my friends are unbelievably supportive. They acknowledge what I’m doing as something that I should be doing. (Thank you guys, btw. Seriously.)

But I know that not everyone gets that lucky.

A lot of writers get absolutely no support from their friends and family. They get mocked for their passion, and that takes a hell of a toll on a person. I see so many writers getting down on themselves in writing groups because the people closest to them don’t believe in what they’re doing.

And it saddens me.

So, for everyone out there who deals with being belittled, this is for you.

First and foremost, writing is an art and a science. There’s so much to learn to do it well, and so much creativity goes into it. It’s hard work. It takes dedication and skill and talent and time and effort and strength.

You have to be brave in order to put yourself out there, to let others read your work.

It takes SO MUCH to write a book.

And you’re doing it!

So whether anyone you know in person agrees or not, if they’re saying it’s easy and anyone could make stuff up, know that writing is an accomplishment, in and of itself. It is hard work. Having an idea isn’t enough. Everyone has ideas. Writing requires going deeper.

And you’re freaking doing it.

Second, the world would be fucking garbage (more so than it already is) if there were no artists. Again, yes, writers are artists. (That does include you.)

A world without art would be excruciating. There would be no books or paintings or statues. Obviously.

There would also be no music. Or movies. Or television shows.

Clothes would be boring and functional, made in whatever color/fabric is cheapest or easiest to get hold of. The same goes for shoes.

Makeup wouldn’t be a thing.

Furniture and buildings and cars would be completely functional. There would be no aesthetically pleasing aspects intentionally built into them. No designer would spend hours getting a single sweeping line correct, just to make it look good.

Cheap and efficient. That’s all we’d have.

Life without art would be terrible.

Which means we need books. And someone has to write them.

Now, as if the need for art in the world weren’t enough, we need books because people enjoy them. That, alone, gives them value.

Books help people escape. They help people learn about the world and themselves. Books challenge worldviews.

Whether your book is fluffy or hard-hitting, whether it has some deeper meaning or is meant to entertain…

It has value.

Thus, the process of writing it has value.

If you enjoy writing, if writing teaches you something about the world or yourself, that means it has value.

All the people who try to belittle your efforts simply don’t understand the root of it, the need for books or writing. That doesn’t mean they’re right.

It doesn’t mean your work is less important or less valuable.

It certainly doesn’t mean you should stop your work.

So keep going. Keep writing.

It doesn’t matter if your family says it’s a waste of time. Wanting approval or support is understandable, and going it alone (at least until you find your tribe of writer friends) is difficult.

But you’re creating something new. That takes guts and work.

As long as you’re still doing the things you need to do in order to survive (i.e. keeping a roof over your head, eating, sleeping…ya know, stuff like that) then how you spend the rest of your time is up to you.

So long as you know that your book is valuable, that’s enough reason to keep going.

And on that unusually positive note, I’ll draw this to a close.

Keep reading. Keep writing.


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